Floyd Mayweather Jr made a sound argument as to why he should still be called “Pound for Pound King”, as he dominated Shane Mosley in Las Vegas earlier this month. Once again, Mayweather snatched the heart out of  an overconfident opponent and proved his critics wrong. 

As the Mayweather camp celebrated the victory over Mosley and added another win to an unblemished record, Manny Pacquiao watched from thousands of miles away while campaigning for congress in his home country of the Philippines. On May 10th 2010, Pacquiao was declared a congressman in his district of Sarangani.

After watching Mayweather’s win and gaining a congressional seat, Pac Man seems eager to fight again. He’s even softened his stance on Mayweather’s Olympic style blood testing requirements. Well he at least will try to renegotiate that aspect of the deal. Anyone who is following the Mayweather/Pacquiao saga knows Pacquiao is willing to take a blood test, but not too close to fight night. He claims drawing blood so close to the fight would somehow weaken him. ***BullSh!T*** (coughing). You don’t have to be a scientist to know that theory is suspect. Also, it makes you wonder if Pac Man has something to hide. Personally, I’m not buying it! I truly think that approach is his belief and not based on any reasonable or knowledgeable foundation. By getting Shane Mosley, a former Human Growth Hormone or (HGH) abuser, to agree to the blood test, Mayweather has all the leverage in the world over Pacquiao come negotiation time.

Blood tests aren’t the only concern for Pacquiao. Mayweather’s speed and accuracy impressed and possibly surprised the WBO World welterweight champion. Mosley is extremely quick and Mayweather made him look old and slow. Pacquiao made this statement following the fight…”If we fight, I’ll need more speed because Mayweather is fast”. That’s a huge statement coming from a guy that uses speed and power to dominate his opponents.

Some critics are saying that Mayweather is ducking Pacquiao with these blood test demands. Floyd claims he just wants to fight on an even level playing field. By defeating past champions Oscar De La Hoya and Juan Manuel Marquez, critics have the notion that Mayweather only fights boxers past their prime. Critics are asking, “why not fight Paul Williams or Sergio Martinez”?

There’s a method for Mayweather’s madness….Money! Mr. HBO 24/7 is all about the cheddar. They don’t call him “Money Mayweather” for nothing.  So all you critics,  keep doubting. This fight will happen and when Mayweather takes the newly appointed congressman to school, what are  you going to say? Oh, Pacquiao was too small? The blood drawn weakened him? The critics will never be satisfied. Mayweather’s “Damned if you do” situations only makes him stronger and will that comes hatred. So bring on the criticism! Go ahead, hate on while “Money Mayweather” continues to pile up wins and cash checks.

By Keith S. Madyun


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