On April 5th 2010, Donovan McNabb changed his colors from green and white to burgundy and gold. What a way to upstage the NCCA Championship and Tiger Woods’ press conference! Yes my beloved Redskins now have a franchise quarterback in McNabb, with hopes of making a Super Bowl run. McNabb left a team who is regarded as one of the most successfully ran organizations in the NFL for a team that went 4-12 last year and is regarded as one of the worst franchises in the NFL to date.

Washington is known for its impatience by using a “what can we do now” approach year after year, wasting draft picks and signing washed up free agents. So what makes this year any different? Well for starters, the Skins now have a head coach in Mike Shanahan and a general manager in Bruce Allen who both possess football minds, as well as the ability to temporarily tame owner Daniel Snyder, who tends to be meddlesome. The fact that McNabb still has a lot left in the tank makes signing the six time Pro Bowl quarterback a no brainer. Through his experience and leadership,  McNabb will instantly make the Skins a better team offensively. The fact that he has ran the west coast offensive his entire career similar to what Shanahan runs, makes the transition from Philly to DC smoother.

Washington’s focus now should be signing McNabb to an extension and acquiring some depth on the offensive line. If they can’t protect him, this trade would be worthless. What better way to boost your O-line than drafting Oklahoma State offensive tackle Russell Okung? This kid is a beast and if he’s available when the Skins pick 4th in the 2010 NFL draft, Washington would be foolish to overlook him. He is NFL ready and will be a perfect fit to replace Chris Samuels, who retired from Washington due to a career ending injury.

The Redskins will try to duplicate the success that Shanahan had in Denver when he inherited a 34 year old quarterback John Elway and won back to back Super Bowl titles in 1997 and 1998. Prior to Shanahan’s arrival John Elway, like McNabb had the reputation of not winning the big game. 

Did the Eagles make the right choice sending their once field general to the enemy with the notion that Kevin Kolb is the future? Will the gamble to send off an old established product for a potential young talent be worth it? The problem with getting rid of a product that seems useless is that you must replace it with something that is solid and Kevin Kolb hasn’t produced enough for the Eagles to reach that conclusion. For this miscalculation, coach Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles will struggle this season.

Even though McNabb claims the games against the Eagles will just be games on the schedule, he’ll have those dates circled. Look for him to torch Philly this season.

By Keith Madyun


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  1. mek says:

    we will definitely see what McNabb can bring to DC!!!

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