Joshua Clottey was the bigger opponent, but size doesn’t win bouts. Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao outpunched and out boxed Clottey in front of 50,000 plus fans at Cowboys Stadium on Saturday March 13, 2010 to retain the WBO welterweight crown.

Clottey’s game plan was to keep a high guard to protect the head area.  By using this defense, he would be less vulnerable to Pac Man’s dangerous counter punches. The strategy didn’t work! Pacquiao used crisp and precise combinations to the body that wore down his opponent.

Clottey simply didn’t do nearly enough to make it a contest. He seldom threw punches and looked outclassed by the speedier Pacquiao. CompuBox numbers recorded Pacquiao landing 246 punches to Clottey’s pedestrian output of 108. Pacquiao proved to be the bigger puncher with powerful body blows that made Clotty grimace at times.

In spite of pleas from his corner to be more active, Clottey didn’t work hard enough in the fight. Manny’s pressure kept him backpedaling the entire night. He showed signs of life in the 10th and 11th rounds but by then, Pacquiao already had a huge lead.

Manny Pacquiao has transformed from a great boxer to a worldwide icon and his legend grows with each win, which brings us to the next topic Floyd Mayweather, Jr.! How can the “Pacquiao vs Mayweather, Jr.” fight not happen? There were speculations that Manny might retire after the Clottey fight. There’s no way that will happen. Pacquiao’s legacy is in tact, but if for some reason the bout against  Mayweather never happens, popular opinion would suggest that Pacquiao’s career would be incomplete. Pacquiao said that he wants to fight Mayweather in the worst way. His trainer Freddie Roach stated that Manny will break down any defense and he never gets tired. Manny throws a lot of punches and in his opinion, Mayweather wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure.

Mayweather has to get through Shane Mosley on May 1st  in Las Vegas. If he beats Mosley, there’s no reason to stop a collision course with the Pac Man.

By Keith Madyun


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