If the industry of professional sports has taught us nothing else, fans should walk away from it knowing the way a team plays in the regular season is not indicative to how it plays in the postseason. My prognostications of the 2009 NFL season is also a testament to this scenario. After 17 weeks of forecasting this parity driven sport, I finished the season at 166-90. Not too shabby for someone who isn’t an expert on the Xs and Os of the game. On the other hand, my playoff record, 1-7, is nothing to celebrate. And you wonder why I don’t encourage gambling! The good news is I gradually progressed throughout the postseason. I laid an egg in week one (in other words, went 0-4), and won one game last week, so at this pace, I could move up to two wins. Two games isn’t a lot to reach for numerically, but given my situation, I’ve gotta taste some sort of redemption. With that said, let’s see how I do at picking Super Bowl 44’s lineup:

Colts over Jets– Given the confidence, some say arrogance, that Rex Ryan has imparted into his team, it’s hard not to like what he’s doing with Gang Green. However, Indianapolis has more to prove when it comes to legitimacy. First off, no one expected the Colts to get this far without Tony Dungy. Finally, and more personally, they want to prove that the week 15 loss to the Jets was more so a voluntary issue than one of inferiority. The Jets are so-so with its passing attack and the Colts are last in the league in rushing, so it will be interesting to see which “can’t do” unit can step up and contribute in the AFC’s second most important game of the season.

Vikings over Saints– Darren Sharper is looking forward to exacting revenge on the team that did not re-sign him this season. Reggie Bush proved to be a double-edge sword, slicing his way through Arizona’s defense and special teams.  Life won’t be so easy for him against a Minnesota defense that allows only 87 rushing yards an outing. While Brett Favre’s play indicates what his intentions are and Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin are proving to be reliable receiving options for years to come, Minnesota needs someone to channel his production of the first half of the season in order to secure the NFC crown. His name is Adrian Peterson.

There you have it…the Colts and Vikings are my matchup for Super Bowl 44. Who will win?  I’m too busy getting egg off my face from my previous results to think that far ahead.  Check back with me in two weeks to see who I go with.

By Antoine Hoffman


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  1. Tanc says:

    I agree with these picks you got here Ant

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