Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert…What were you thinking! Perhaps you weren’t using your head. For those who have been on another planet the past few weeks, I’ll bring up to speed. Washington Wizards’ point guard, Gilbert Arenas, or “Agent Zero”, has been suspended indefinitely without pay by NBA commissioner David Stern for violating league rules that prohibits players and player staff from bringing firearms to an arena. On December 24, 2009, Arenas admitted that he brought unloaded firearms to the Verizon Center, home of the Wizards and Washington Capitals. This became national news when word got out that “Agent Zero” and teammate Javaris Crittenton allegedly drew guns on each other over a gambling debt. Arenas claimed he was playing a prank on his teammate and Crittenton insists that he never brought a gun into the arena and  he’s the victim. League sources say not only did Crittenton bring a gun into the Verizon Center but the gun was loaded. The federal and local authorities are conducting an investigation on the  matter and have already interviewed Arenas. 

In the past, NBA commissioner David Stern would let the legal process take its course before disciplining a player but after Arenas’ lack of remorse, twittering, and other ongoing conduct, Stern had no choice but to lay down the law. The straw that broke the camel’s back for “Agent Zero” was his pre-game antics during a January 5, 2010 game against the Philadelphia 76ers. Before the game, Arenas joked with teammates when he waved his index fingers giving the appearance of a gun and shooting them down. What makes it even more sickening is the fact that his teammates participated in that nonsense. Expect hefty fines to be handed down!

First of all, what player in his/her right mind brings a gun, whether it’s loaded or not, to their place of business, then after getting caught, make light of the situation by taunting the league’s commissioner who has a reputation of suspending a player quicker than any other in pro sports? He must have thought that Stern was a punk or something. I think Mr. Arenas is taking the “Agent Zero” nickname too seriously. Is this built up hostility from when you found out that Shaq stole your fiancé? Where you in a coma during the Plaxico Burress ordeal? Oh I guess you are above the law, huh? Maybe you were going to change your name to “Mr. Untouchable”.

This season was supposed to be a season of business for Gilbert Arenas as he stopped blogging, interviewing and tried to drop the “Agent Zero” title. With coach Flip Saunders, veterans Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood and the key acquisitions of Mike  James and Mike Miller, Arenas should have led the team far into the playoffs. Now we know that he was clownin’ us all along. Well “Agent Zero” has played his way out of  just over $147,000 a game. Not to mention a lengthy suspension plus the possibility of jail time. All of which is self inflicted! With his misguided actions, Arenas has to be ranked number two on the dumbest athlete list second only to O. J. Simpson. Abe Pollin hasn’t been dead three months and he is already turning over in his grave. It’s a blessing that he’s not around because this situation would have definitely taken him out. With all the work that Pollin put into changing  the team’s perception, mainly switching the nickname from “Bullets” to “Wizards” in a time when Washington, DC was considered the “Murder Capital” of America, Arenas’ actions are unacceptable. I believe that everyone deserves a second change in life. My only wish is that when Gilbert Arenas gets his chance, it’s not in a Wizards uniform. Now Tweet on that Arenas!

By Keith S. Madyun


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  1. Wayne says:

    Yo Keith this is a nice blog.

    Jim Zorn needed this drama while he was the coach.

    Here is a quote from the Great former G-town Coach. “A person who represent themself, represent a fool”.

    Gil don’t have a agent and represents himself. This probably explain him tweeting and continuing to act like fool.

    The Wizards have to get rid of him. But it might be difficult since the only way is to either void his contract or buy him out. He can’t be traded.

    There is no way that the team can recover from this situation because other players are involved. Crittenton is denying that he had a gun but his teammates are saying he did. These teammates have to give sworn testimony which will help one player and hurt another. Which can get them in trouble if they lie under oath.

  2. Tanc says:

    Man I just think the whole situation was just dumb on his part. And then to make light of it, is just even dumber. I think he deserved what he got at this moment. Time will tell if he learned anything.

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