How many of you are sick and tired of the Dallas Cowboys being labeled “America’s Team”? I am! They are not even “America’s Football Team” ! If anything, the Pittsburgh Steelers, owners of an NFL record six Super Bowl championships, should have that crown. The way they punk’d Dallas in the 70’s  alone should have sealed the damn deal. If it weren’t for Neil O’Donnell handing the Cowboys the title in Super Bowl XXX (30), the Steelers would have a perfect 3-0 Super Bowl record against “Dem Boys”…and guess what? They haven’t won a playoff game since. We’re talking about not one playoff win since January 28 1996 folks.

Now don’t get me wrong, the Dallas Cowboys are one of the most successful teams in the NFL. Eight Super Bowl appearances (winning five), ten conference titles, 19 division championships and 29 playoff appearances is pretty damn impressive, but “America’s Team”? You mean to tell me that they’ve done a better job in their sport than the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics? Now way…Can’t see it!

The Cowboys of the 2000s have been anything short of a joke, yet the media keeps speaking of them as if they are legitimate title contenders. Every year, fans are suckered in with false hopes of a title and a parade, only to be disappointed  by poor play in December and January. Quarterback Tony Romo has been labeled as the “Chosen One”, but has only produced numerous  interceptions and disappointment when the games really count. I mean sports writers were putting Romo in the same category as Peyton Manning and Tom Brady when he hasn’t won anything. When Terrell Owens left for Buffalo, the team should have  flourished because they got rid of the so called “Cancer”, right? They still have wide out  Roy Williams and tight end Jason Witten to hold down the fort, right? Yeah ok! Witten is having one of his worst seasons as a Cowboy and Roy Williams hasn’t kept up his end of the bargain. With the notoriety of having a shut down defense, why is it that the good teams have great success down field against them? Don’t get me started with Marion Barber. For a player that supposed to  be a power back, why couldn’t he power his way into the end zone when Dallas was on the goal line against the Chargers? Here’s a suggestion! Salvage what little value “Mr. Power Back” has and package him out of “Big D”.  

Dallas fans can blame team owner Jerry Jones for a lot of the Cowboys’ problems. The Cowboys had a brilliant head coach in Jimmy Johnson. In fact, Johnson is the main reason for the team’s success in the 1990’s. Remember “The Trade”? For those who don’t know, I’m speaking of the Herschel Walker trade, which was  one of the largest player trades in NFL history. The trade between the Cowboys and Vikings involved 18 players including draft picks. “The Trade” transformed the Cowboys from a 1-15 team to a three time Super Bowl winning machine. Oddly enough, Dallas didn’t use any of the Vikings’ draft picks except for negotiating them for higher picks. In a five year span, Jimmy Johnson made over 50 trades. In doing so, the Cowboys acquired Emmitt Smith from the draft (getting Pittsburgh’s pick), Dixon Edwards and Clayton Holmes (draft picks from Washington), Darren Woodson and Russell Maryland (draft picks from New England), Kevin Smith (draft pick from Atlanta), and Godfrey Miles (San Diego’s draft pick). These notable players along with Troy Aikman  and “The Play Maker”, Michael Irving were important parts of the Cowboys’ championship dynasty in the ’90’s; and Jones gets rid of Jimmy? How smart was that? Jimmy Johnson could have been the “second coming” of  Tom Landry. One can only imagine how many Super Bowls they would have now.

With three weeks left in the 2009-2010 NFL regular season, the Dallas Cowboys’ are second in the NFC East. They are  riding a two game losing streak and fading fast, heading  into Louisiana with hopes of changing their fortunes in December,  starting with the 13-0 New Orleans Saints. Wide receiver Roy Williams had plenty to say about the game stating that “If we pack our bags and show up in New Orleans on Saturday night, we should be victorious…Might as well crown them, right? They’re undefeated. It’s December. We don’t have a chance.” Way to go Roy! Bulletin board material for a very good team that already has a chip on its shoulder. Williams also predicted that Dallas will see the Saints again in the playoffs. At the rate that the Cowboys are going, they have about as much a chance of going to the playoffs as the Colts did when Jim Mora coached them and made his famous  quotes ” Playoffs? Don’t talk about Playoffs! You kidding me! I just hope we win a game!” Here’s a suggestion, why don’t you show up on Saturday Roy and catch the damn ball.

My prediction is that  not only will Dallas lose to the Saints but they will miss the playoffs and with that, they would have laid a goose egg in the playoffs in this decade. If my prediction is correct, it will be safe to say that the “DALLAS COWBOYS ARE NOT AMERICA’S TEAM ANYMORE! “Goodnight people!

By Keith Madyun


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  1. Tanc says:

    Man you know I cannot let you take my Boys down like that. Although we had this talk already. You know the story of this. Hey the name was given to us by others, not us, at the time was was the most beloved team in America, and not look, we are the most loved team in the World for Football fans. LOL, so maybe it should be change to the World Team….lol

  2. We shall return….see you in 2010!!!!

  3. brice says:

    It isn’t about being the absolute best. And we were in the 70’s when SOMEONE else coined the phrase. Tom Landry didn’t come out and say it. America’s team doesnt change year to year. Americas sport is football, so America’s team has to be a football team. Plus, the Yankees buy championships. NFL has the most parody (that’s why the steelers have the most championships with 6…not 17 or 27). Cowboys still have more legit fans than the steelers. Look on ESPN at how many “fans” follow. Cowboys have almost double. Seems like half of the steeler’s fans are t-shirt fans anyways. They just have an obsession with Polamalu’s hair. Go to google now and type in “Troy”… the first name that pops up over any other is Aikman (not Polamalu). Steelers were the 1st to 4 rings, Cowboys the first to 5, Steelers first to 6… and we’ll be the first to 7. America’s team doesn’t change with stats. You don’t have to be valedictorian to be prom king. We have the most fans in the world, and everyone else just has to come to terms with it. Keep your “terrible towels” flying. That’s retarded anyways. And we’ll hold on to our “America’s Team” title. In Big D, we wipe our ass with terrible towels.

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