Hi…my name is Ricky Williams and in case you might have forgotten about me, allow me to jog your memory. I became a household name with the University of Texas, where I own and share 20 NCAA football records. In addition, I became the 64th Heisman Trophy winner in 1998, college football’s highest individual honor. The following year, I was drafted by the New Orleans Saints. Expectations of me were grand! I mean Mike Ditka traded away every draft pick for 1999, as well as the first and third round picks of  the 2000 NFL draft in order to get me. I even posed with Ditka in a wedding dress on the cover of ESPN Magazine, which suggested a bond for years to come. Management said otherwise, firing Coach Ditka at the end of the my rookie year and then trading me to Miami two seasons later. Despite the ups and downs, I went on to have consecutive 1,000 rushing seasons from 2000 – 2003. Things would continue to be rocky for me with injuries and an issue with a certain substance which resulted in an ill advised retirement from the sport I love in 2004. I returned in July 2005, but still battled with my issues. In 2006, the NFL dropped the hammer and suspended me for the entire season. I found work with the Canadian Football League as a Toronto Argonaut and actually got approval from the Dolphins to play with them, on the condition that I return to them the following season.

With the Dolphins putting stock into Ronnie Brown, I had to comply with being number two on the depth chart. The two-back system has actually worked out in my favor, as I have become a key cog in our Wildcat offense. On the flip side, I’ve always knew I had something left in me. Fast forward to week 10 of this season. Ronnie suffered a season ending foot injury and of course the question on everyone’s mind was “Can Ricky carry the load?” In my last three outings, I’ve averaged 112 rushing yards and one touchdown per game. And that’s without a heavy dose of the Wildcat. There are five games left and if nothing else comes out of this season, you will know that I have a lot of football left in me.

Coming off a season low, 8-8 record in week 12, it looks to me like Antoine has something of his own to prove. Let’s see if he bounces back this week:

Bills over Jets

Eagles over Falcons

Panthers over Buccaneers

Bears over Rams

Bengals over Lions

Colts over Titans

Texans over Jaguars

Broncos over Chiefs

Patriots over Dolphins

Steelers over Raiders

Saints over Redskins

Chargers over Browns

Giants over Cowboys

49ers over Seahawks

Vikings over Cardinals

Packers over Ravens

Ricky, thank you for reintroducing yourself to the NFL community and the Take No Prisoners readers. As always, enjoy the games and may sure you tune in next week to see how I remind you of who I really am.

By Antoine Hoffman


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