Brett Favre makes his return to Lambeau Field for the first time since being shown the door two season ago. When you look back on his life as a Packer, it’s hard to ignore the nine Pro Bowl appearances, three Most Valuable Player awards, two NFC Championships and one Super Bowl title (Super Bowl XXXI). While those are remarkable accomplishments, the city of Green Bay will think on what Favre has done for it lately. And what has he done? For starters, he now plays for the enemy, the Minnesota Vikings, which already owns a victory over the city’s beloved team. What kind of reception will Favre get for homecoming? Will he be adored or be given fury of fans scorned? 58568156

Texans over Bills– Matt Schaub has found a reliable second option in the passing game. His name is Owen Daniels. Although Buffalo has the 10th best pass defense in the league, Houston will find a way to pick it apart.

Bears over Browns– Coming off an ugly loss to Cincinnati, Chicago will play bully to a Cleveland team that has too many issues to figure out.

Cowboys over Seahawks– When looking at Seattle’s battered offensive line, there is reason to believe that DeMarcus Ware will show why he’s worth every dollar of the contract extension he recently signed.

Rams over Lions– Congratulations St. Louis on getting your first win of the season. You at least know that your best skilled offensive players Stephen Jackson and Marc Bulger will suit up for this game. Too bad the same can’t be said for Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford.

Broncos over Ravens– If one word could summarize Baltimore, it would be lopsided. For years, the defense prayed for an offense to compliment it. Now in 2009, the Ravens have the league’s fifth best offense, but the defense has gone from being tops of the league to 19th. This is bad news for a team looking to beat Denver.tumblr_kokw1rkpkd1qzddo2o1_500

Colts over 49ers– San Francisco’s offense gets new life with Alex Smith as its starting quarterback. History tells us his presence won’t change much. Then again, anything can happen. Still, I’ll take the safe bet in this one.

Dolphins over Jets– Miami had New Orleans on the ropes, but failed to secure the knockout. That squandered opportunity will prove to be a lesson learned for the Dolphins, which will result in a season sweep of Gang Green.

Eagles over Giants– Both teams have shown signs of strength and vulnerability. The difference maker in this one is home advantage, which will belong to Philly in this one.

Jaguars over Titans– Even if Jeff Fisher does go with Vince Young as the starter this week, he alone won’t be able to cure the issues that plague Tennessee.

Chargers over Raiders– Considering San Diego’s up and down season, Oakland is the kind of opponent it needs to earn its first two-game winning streak of the season.

Packers over Vikings– I know Aaron Rodgers has been sacked a lot this season and yes, Minnesota has the most sacks in the league with 25. Call me naïve, but I think Green Bay’s refusal to get swept by their former quarterback will fuel its will to win, as well as an unfriendly homecoming for Ol’ #4.favre-vikings

Cardinals over Panthers– Facing Adrian Wilson and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, shouldn’t we expect Jake Delhomme to throw more interceptions?

Falcons over Saints– Reggie Bush’s mouth wrote a check that New Orleans won’t cash. He looked at the remaining schedule and thinks the Saints can go undefeated. As well as they’ve played up to this point, losing is not beneath them. I see at least two losable games on the schedule and this is one of them.

For week seven, I went 9-4, which bumps me up to 68-35 overall.  Is it the midpoint of the season already? The season is coasting, so enjoy the games. We’ll do it again in another week.

By Antoine Hoffman


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