If anyone thought Floyd “Money Maker” Mayweather Jr. would show signs of ring rust in his bout against Juan Manuel Marquez….surprise, surprise. Not only was Mayweather victorious, but he issued a complete beat down. It’s incredible how he dominated Marquez, a solid No. 2 pound for pound fighter, who is one of the most explosive counter punchers in boxing history. And on top of that, he did it following a 21 month hiatus.

With the exception of a knockout, Mayweather pretty much had his way with Marquez at the MGM Grand Garden Arena this past weekend. Personally, an early knockout would have been a better option for Marquez. Floyd wasted no time attacking Marquez, knocking him down in the second round with a vicious short left hook. With his supreme talent, Mayweather would embarrass his opponent for 12 rounds, winning a unanimous decision and increasing his perfect record to 40-0. The fight was so lopsided that halfway through the bout, referee Tony Weeks asked Marquez’s corner if they wanted to continue. Compubox stats showed that Marquez’s landed a disappointing 12% of his punches while Mayweather connected at an impressive rate of 59%. What’s more surprising is the fact that of the three judges scoring the bout, only one had Mayweather winning every round.

There wouldn’t be a Mayweather fight without controversy. Drama could have been the theme for this bout. First off, Mayweather missed the weight requirements at the boxer’s final weigh-in by two pounds. That discrepancy cost Mayweather $600,000 ($300,000 per pound). This drew a lot of concern from the Marquez camp, citing that the extra two pounds could give Mayweather an unfair advantage in the fight. Mayweather refused to discuss his weight issue during a pre-fight interview. HBO boxing commentator Max Kellerman tried to discuss the weight issue with Mayweather but he wouldn’t have it. He even snatched the mic from Kellerman, telling him that he talked too much. Also, during the post-fight interview, Shane Mosley got into a verbal altercation with Mayweather hoping to be his next opponent. An irritated Mayweather let the current WBA Welterweight champion know that his classless act would not be tolerated and that he would never had disrespected him like that. The two had to be separated and cooler heads prevailed. When asked if the weight made a difference in the fight, a dejected Marquez stated he didn’t want to make any excuses but the disparity in weight was an issue for him losing the fight along with his hand speed.

So what’s next for Floyd Mayweather? Will he take on the winner of the Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto match? Will he re-retire? Will he take on Shane Mosley? Shane Mosley didn’t help his cause any by confronting Mayweather. I don’t know what he was thinking but I wouldn’t be surprised if such antics cost Mosley a major payday. In Mayweather’s eyes, it’s all about the money and he going for the highest bidder.

Written by Keith Madyun


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  1. Maurice Coakley says:


    Great blog…I really enjoyed the information therefore, I look forward in reading your next addition. I am a big sports fan so keep me on your distribution list.

  2. Paul says:

    Boxing is just like the WWF, made-up. I saw the fight, yes he won by decision, a cream would have been a clear knockout, did not happen. Floyd Mayweather maybe the best boxer of all time to beat up on washed up fighters. So Floyd Mayweather, did not make the weight for the fight, so he heavier than the weight class that he is fighting in, and his opponent was older, shorter and weigh less. Are we impressed that he won, what a charade. Had we seen him come back and defeat Pacman, Cotto, Mosley or Margarito, then maybe he would deserve our attention, till then, snore, snore. Now we find out that this piece of work owes our government millions of dollars. Why should we believe this guy? I guess the rumors are true that he did everything to avoid fighting Antonio Margarito, before his unexpected first retirement, chicken.

    • Keith Madyun says:

      Good points but I’m going to take wait and see approach before I make a judgement of Floyd. Thanks and I look forward to your future comments.

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