The National Football League held its annual draft on April 25th and 26th 2009. With the 13th pick the Washington Redskins selected pass rushing  specialist Brian Orakpo from the University of Texas. The pick,  in my opinion, was a great one. The Skins haven’t had a true pass rush since the days of Charles Mann and Dexter Manley.  Although the Redskins made the right decision in this year’s draft, the poor judgment leading up to it  needs to be addressed. The subject, the handling of starting quarterback Jason Campbell.

In early April, the organization pursued disgruntle quarterback Jay Cutler. This raised the eyebrows of Redskins Nation, as well as  its players and personnel. After meetings with Skins Head Coach Jim Zorn and Executive Vice President of Football Operations Vinnie Cerrato, Campbell was assured that he was their guy. However, days leading towards the 2009 NFL Draft, there was speculation that the Redskins were pursuing USC’s stud quarterback Mark Sanchez. Clearly, the organization lacks the confidence in Campbell and I’m pretty sure Campbell has lost a lot of respect for them. Campbell has been totally professional with this situation. He stated that he’s here to compete and that he has the support of his teammates, which is  commendable but when you’re being taken advantage of, you have to defend yourself a little bit better. I’m not saying conduct yourself  like Jay Cutler and become a complete baby, but let upper management know what’s up. Maybe Campbell has,  if so…the Skins aren’t listening. 

Here’s my argument! Jason Campbell was drafted by the Skins in 2005 and became the teams starting quarterback in 2006.  Since then, Campbell had to learn 3 different offensive playbooks from 3 different offensive coordinators. Campbell has put up decent numbers. In 36 starts, Campbell has a 16-20 record and passed for 7242 yards, with 35 touchdowns, 23 interceptions, completing 59.7% of his passes as well as a quarterback rating of 80.4. Let’s look at Jay Cutler’s resume! In 37 starts, Cutler has a 17-20 record and passed for 9,024 yards, with 54 touchdowns, 37 interceptions, completing 62.5% of his passes with a quarterback rating of 87.1. Cutler’s offensive numbers are only slightly better than Campbell’s and they have just about the same record.  By comparing the stats, can anyone tell me what the Redskins see in Cutler that I can’t? Although Campbell hasn’t led his team to the postseason, Cutler hasn’t either. Is Cutler really an upgrade?  Looking at Sanchez, an unproven quarterback, was total disrespect and I will refuse to write another line on him.

So what will the Redskins do with Campbell? With the 2009-2010 season being a contract year for Campbell, what will he do?  Maybe both parties will reconcile….maybe not. Hopefully, Campbell will use training camp as a spring board to kick some butt this season. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Written by Keith Madyun


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