Every so often in a sport’s fan’s  life, one will get the chance to witness something special. Something to tell your kids and even your grandchildren about.  It could be a fabulous catch or an unbelievable shot. As sports fans, we  get spoiled  by our hero’s talent and tend to take their accomplishments for granted. So when these great athletes retire, it leaves an empty feeling in our hearts and all we have left is the memories. Then there’s the athlete who retires well before their time. Prime example, Floyd “Pretty Boy Floyd” Mayweather Jr!

Floyd Mayweather Jr, son of pro boxer Floyd Sr., is arguably the greatest welterweight ever to step into the ring winning six world boxing championships in five different weight classes. In 2008 at the age of 31, Mayweather retired from the sport with a record of 39-0 with 25 knockouts. His resume also includes key victories against Oscar Del La Hoya (Decision), Diego Corrales (TKO), Arturo Gatti (TKO), Zab Judah (Decision), and Ricky Hatton (TKO). Mayweather is also an Olympian, winning a bronze medal at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

On March 19th 2009, ESPN came out with a report stating that Mayweather is contemplating coming out of retirement. Floyd’s finally got that itch back. Now that’s what’s up! Did you really think that he would stay retired? I didn’t! The former “Pound for Pound Champion”, saw the competition and he wants in. Who can beat him; Miguel Cotto? Not after getting knockout by Antonio Margarito. You can’t even count on Margarito..not after he got destroyed by Shane Mosley. Shane Mosley would be a great opponent but I’ll put my money on Mayweather. Not only is Floyd faster than the quick Mosley, but Mayweather hits harder and is defensively superior. So as we wait for the official “Comeback” press conference , one can only imagine how great boxing will be, with him, in 2009.


Written by Keith Madyun


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  1. karl says:

    YO this was a great post I didnt know he was talking about coming back. I think he misses his reality show before every fight lol. Great writing bro..

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