Here’s a question to chew on…Why do athletes cry about being mistreated by ownership when that isn’t necessarily the case? They portray themselves as being the “New Hotness”, haven’t yet to win anything of significance like a playoff game or championship. Prime example, disgruntle Quarterback Jay “Cry-baby” Cutler of the Denver Broncos.

Cutler is salty with the Broncos because the team tried to trade him last month to the New England Patriots for up and coming Quarterback Matt Cassell, who was eventually dealt to the Kansas City Chiefs. Now the Pro-Bowl Quarterback is demanding a trade. He was a no-show for Josh McDaniels’ first team meeting as head coach, and “Mr. Hotness”  missed the beginning of off-season workouts. Okay, it’s only natural to be disappointed at what transpired. Hell, he should be fricken pissed off….but Jay Cutler will also have to realize that this is a business. Quarterbacks are a dime a dozen and for your information Jay, you’re not that great.

Fans will say “Cutler threw for over 4500 yards last year and just under 3500 yards his first full season the year before”. People want to compare him to John Elway. You know what I say….Pump your brakes!!! Cutler did put up great passing numbers in 2007 and 2008,but out of 37 starts, Cutler is 17-20 with 37 interceptions (an INT per game average) and zero playoff appearances. Oh by the way, Denver’s record in 2005,the year before Cutler was drafted, 13-3.

So Jay, who cares if you almost got traded to the Patriots. You should have prayed for the trade to go through. At least you would’ve had a chance to contend for a championship. Not to mention the uncertainty of Tom Brady returning to the form that led New England to the dynasty of the early 2000s. It didn’t happened and you’re still a Bronco! So stop crying and make the most of this the season. Show your team what they would’ve given up if the trade came to fruition.

Written by Keith Madyun


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