Hey sports fans! Did you hear the good news? Terrell Owens, aka T.O., aka I Love Me Some Me, was released by the Dallas Cowboys Wednesday. Even if you aren’t a Cowboys fan, you have to be pleased about this. Let me set the record straight! I am not a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. I loath what is supposed to be “America’s Team”. If I had my way, I would delete them from my Madden game. Despite all that, no team should have to deal with the likes of TERRELL OWENS!!!! Don’t get me wrong, Owens is a tremendously talented wide receiver and will one day be in pro football’s Hall of Fame. The problem is he believes the NFL should revolve around him since he is the “greatest invention since the television”.

Drafted in 1996, Owens started his career with the San Francisco 49ers. He also played with the Philadelphia Eagles. Every team he’s played for has witnessed controversy, thanks to “The Real #81”.  His prime targets, quarterbacks! In San Francisco, he feuded with then signal caller Jeff Garcia as well as coach Steve Mariucci. In the mist of all that confusion, he still put up record numbers. Immediately after the 2003 season, when he left San Francisco, he interviewed with Playboy Magazine where he questioned Jeff Garcia’s man hood, calling him a homosexual. Owens was originally supposed to be traded to the Baltimore Ravens for a second round pick in 2004, but after several arbitration hearings, he was sent to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Life in Philly started out peachy for Owens and the Eagles. The team started off with a seven game winning streak and eventually won 13 out of 16 regular season games. Owens got his touches and everyone in Eagle Nation counted down the days to a Super Bowl victory parade. Then the unexpected happened! Owens suffered multiple injuries; a fractured leg and a severely sprained ankle. The Eagles made it to Super Bowl XXXIX (39) without his services in the latter part of the season. Going against doctors’ orders, Owens played in his first Super Bowl and had an impressive outing. After the game, Owens would once again spark controversy, stating that he wasn’t “the guy who got tired” towards the end of the game, referring to Eagles quarter Donovan McNabb.

The controversy didn’t end there! Before the start of the 2005 season, T.O. and the Eagles would find themselves in a contract dispute. Owens tried negotiating an extension but the Eagles would not give in. During that season, Owens was a huge distraction to the Eagles organization. He made several derogatory statements toward head coach Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb. As a result, the team gave him a four game suspension without pay and eventually deactivated him for the remainder of the season. The Eagles eventually released Owens.  Later, he signed with the Cowboys.

The Cowboys were supposed to be the team that Owens retired with. He was supposed to have changed his ways and evolved into a team player. This was supposed to be a more mature Terrell Owens. Owens was going to put Dallas back in the winners circle. That never happened and it never will Mr. Owens! You are and always will be a cancer to whatever team you play with. You don’t deserve to be in the NFL anymore. This is a privilege that you took for granted. The NFL doesn’t need you and the fans can’t stand you. So do us all a favor and just go away.


 Written by Keith Madyun





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