Welcome back Tiger! The sports world misses you and the golf world needs you. Since you’ve been away, recovering from reconstructive knee surgery, TV ratings have falling faster than my company’s stock and that’s saying a lot. In your absence, we had to deal with the likes of Pádraig Harrington, Vijay Singh, Robert Allenby and Rocco Mediate. As you can see my friend, Golf has been boring since you’ve been gone.

Phil Mickelson was supposed to hold down the fort while you were away. He could have been the man in 2008. Hell, according to some experts, you were the only reason he couldn’t win. But what did he do in ’08, or should I say what didn’t he do? Out of 21 events played, Mickelson only won twice. He missed the cut once and neither of the victories were major tournaments. Of the six major statistical categories in Golf, Michelson placed top five in only one, Money Leaders.  Woods, on the other hand, out ranked him there even though he played only six of 2008’s tournaments.

Now after eight months of rehab, the “King” is back and stronger than ever giving rivals fierce warning of his improved short game, which is nothing short of brilliance. The King looked extremely impressive in Tuesday’s practice session. I’m pretty sure the competition is shaking in their golf cleats while Golf executives, ESPN, Sports Illustrated and all other media outlets are salivating and anticipating his return at the WGC Accenture Match Play tournament this past Wednesday. Tiger’s first round victory at match – play proved that it’s “business as usual”. Give the fans what we need in 2009 Tiger…Total Domination!!!!!!!


Written by Keith Madyun


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