box_a_mosley3_5767What’s up world!!! How’s life treating you? We had an incredible sports weekend especially if you like blowouts. You had the Celtics whipping the Mavs. The “Lake Show” proved to the Spurs who’s the real boss in the West. Duke destroyed Maryland by 41??? Wow!!! The Terps looked like a JV squad against the Blue Devils. And then you had the big fight, “Sugar” Shane Mosley vs Antonio “Tijuana Tornado” Margarito.
The fight was held at the Staples Center in beautiful Los Angeles, Ca. The welterweight champion Margarito was coming off of his stunning victory over then champ Miguel Cotto back in July of 2008, while Shane Mosley who lost to Cotto in a close bout, came off an impressive knockout victory over the often wild and unorthodox Ricardo Mayorga. According to Vegas, Mosley was a 4-1 underdog coming to the fight. Well I guess Vegas pissed Mosley off. Shane Mosley knocked out the strong chinned Margarito in the 9th round in front of a record attending crowd at Staples Center.Mosley dropped Margarito during the later part of the 8th round. After that round, Margarito’s corner begged him to stop fighting but being the warrior that he is, Margarito continued. Big mistake!!! Mosley crushed his opponent and knocked him out seconds before the referee was able to stop the fight.
This by far was the best fight for the 37 year old Mosley. Mosley basically won every round. Shane did it with power punches to Margarito’s head and body which weakened him in the later rounds. Margarito’s biggest attribute is his ability to impose his will on his opponent with extreme pressure. That was not the case Saturday night my friends. Mosley was the aggressor. He was the stronger fighter. And he made a believer out of Margarito and everyone who watched the fight. There’s a statue of Oscar De La Hoya outside of Staples Center. After Oscar’s last embarrassing fight against Manny Pacquiao, Staples should take down De La Hoya’s statue and put one up honoring “Sugar” Shane Mosley….It’s just a thought.
Written by Keith Madyun



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  1. Dale says:

    Nice post. Shane dominated all fight made Margarito look average. Same way B-hop made Kelly P look average. Perhaps it was B-hops trainer that Shane used for this fight. Shane was aggresive all fight long and I thought that would slow him down as the fight went on but I was wrong. Floyd Mayweather has called Shane a sparring partner (sparred for Oscar during Floyd vs De la Hoya) and that he dont fight sparring partners. He should rethink that since Shane beat Oscar and Margarito whom many thought he would come out of retirement to fight one day. One thing…the speed of the likes of Shane and most deff Floyd seem to be the main factor in beating cats who have big punches. Same for B-hop fighting Kelly P…the speed was a big problem for the heavy hitter.

    • ksm913 says:

      Bernard Hopkins trainer is great. He trained Shane extremely well and it showed on Saturday. Floyd to me is in a class by himself. He has the speed, the defense and I personally think that his punching power is better that Shane’s. As for Bernard, at this stage of his career…he really fights to the level of his opponent. If he feels that his opponent is a threat, he will punish them. but w/ a mediocre fighter he tends to take them for granted and the fights turns out to be closer than expected. Thanks Dale for your input.

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